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Required Prescription

This can be utilized for the treatment or avoidance of calcium exhaustion in patients in whom dietary measures are lacking. Conditions which will be related with calcium insufficiency incorporate hypoparathyroidism, achlorhydria, constant the runs, vitamin D insufficiency, steatorrhea, sprue, pregnancy and lactation, menopause, pancreatitis, renal disappointment, alkalosis, and hyperphosphataemia. Calcium Carbonate is being utilized progressively regularly to treat hyperphosphataemia in inveterate renal disappointment as well as those on persistent walking peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and haemodialysis. Numerous patients are incapable to endure adequate dosages for total phosphate control and require extra measures such as rigid dietary phosphate confinement or moderately little dosages of aluminum hydroxide. Calcium Carbonate containing arrangements can give short-term alleviation of dyspeptic frameworks but are now not prescribed for long-term treatment of peptic ulceration.

Ostocal 500

Pharmacology of Ostocal 500 Tablet

Calcium carbonate responds with gastric corrosive to create a salt and water. For calcium carbonate the hypothesized chemical response is: CaCO3 + 2HCl = CaCl2 + H2O + CO2

Two grams of calcium carbonate will promptly bring 100 ml of hydrochloric corrosive to a pH over 6. The increment in gastric pH reduces the action of pepsin within the gastric emission. Up to 30% of the verbal calcium stack may be retained.


Dosage and Administration of Ostocal 500 Tablet

250 mg or 500 mg tablet: Calcium Carbonate is continuously utilized orally and when utilized as an stomach settling agent the prescribed dosages for grown-ups are proportionate to 540-2000 mg Calcium Carbonate per day, dosages for children being half of those for grown-ups. As a dietary supplement, such as for the anticipation of osteoporosis, 1250-3750 mg Calcium Carbonate (500-1500 mg calcium) every day is prescribed in common, but once more this will have to be be custom fitted to the person understanding depending on any particular illness such as Calcium lack, malabsorption or parathyroid work. In pregnancy and lactation the prescribed every day measurements of calcium is 1200-1500 mg. In constant renal disappointment the dosages utilized vary from 2.5-9.0 gm Calcium Carbonate per day and have to be be balanced concurring to the person quiet. To maximize successful phosphate authoritative in this setting the Calcium Carbonate ought to be given with meals.

1000 mg tablet: 2000-3000 mg tablet when indications happen; may be rehashed hourly in case required or as coordinated by the doctor.


Interaction of Ostocal 500 Tablet

Calcium Carbonate may improve the cardiac impacts of digoxin and other cardiac glycosides, on the off chance that systemic hypercalcaemia happens. Calcium Carbonate may meddled with the assimilation of concomitantly managed tetracycline arrangements and in incessant renal disappointment adjustment of vitamin D treatment may be required to maintain a strategic distance from hypercalcaemia when Calcium Carbonate is utilized as the essential phosphate folio.



  • Hypercalcaemia and hyperparathyroidism 
  • Hypercalciuria and nephrolithiasis 
  • Zollinger-Ellison syndrome 
  • Concomitant digoxin treatment (requires cautious observing of serum calcium level)


When hypercalcaemia happens, cessation of the medicate is as a rule adequate to return serum calcium concentrations to ordinary. Calcium salts ought to be utilized cautiously in patients with sarcoidosis, renal or cardiac infection, and in patients getting cardiac glycosides.


Side Effects of Ostocal 500 Tablet

Orally managed Calcium Carbonate may be bothering to the GI tract. It may too cause stoppage. Hypercalcaemia is seldom delivered by organization of calcium alone, but may happen when expansive measurements are given to patients with unremitting renal disappointment.


Pregnancy & Lactation

Calcium containing drugs have been broadly utilized in pregnancy by way of verbal calcium supplementation or stomach settling agent treatment. Calcium Carbonate can be utilized in lactating ladies as well.


Therapeutic Class

Minerals in bone formation, Specific mineral preparations


Storage Conditions

Store in a cool, dry put in controlled room temperature.

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